The main activity of the company is drying and processing fruit , and, also repurshasing and freezing fresh berries .

The company Podgorina Voće has been successfully operating and growing since 2008.

We purchaising mineral fertilizer and means for plants protection. Frequently we organize visits of qualified people who help our cooperators to overcome problems in the cultivitation of fruits.


Processing facilities buit according to new technologies consist of a dryer capacity 50 tons of fresh fruits for 24 hours as well as 3 tunnels for freezing capacity 45 tons of fresh fruits for 24 hours.

The drying process is optimaly automated and starts with the lines for fruits receptions, washing, sorting and calibrating of fresh plums, the product then qoes through the drying tunnels and afterwards it is rehidrated according to customer requirements.

This way the product retains all the basic nutritional elements and is in complete compliance with all healt and safety requirements.

The process of freezing berries starts with the lines for fruits receptions and sorting, the product then qoes through flow freezing tunnels with systems that freezes fruits quickly and at the same time fulfills the most demanding requirements with the respect to hygiene and efficency.

Through implementation of new technologies in fruits production, employee training and knowledge improvment the company always strives to keep up with the trends on the market.

We improved our production with the fruit pitting machine.

Processing and freezing of fruits and vegetables

It is performed through activities that are fully equipped with technological lines for the reception and processing of nuts and nuts


Feel free to contact us, because we believe that strong relationships with clients are more than a business relationship, we want to build long-term business relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

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